I was born in Baku (Azerbaijan) in 1989. I believe this was a hard time for all Post-Soviet countries but especially for Azerbaijan. We were going through a war (still goes on) with Armenia. It resulted 1 million people to leave their homeland (Karabakh) and live a refugee life. 

My family is originally from Baku and I was lucky not to witness the war with my own eyes. However, we could still feel the devastating energy of it in our daily lives. Everyone was living a poor life, with little money, almost no job. And at that period my father went to Russia in search of one.

I have one sister, who is 2 years older than me. When she started the school I was crying and begging my mother to send me to the school as well. And my sister's teacher let me attend their classes once a week. I could never imagine that the place I wanted to go so badly would turn into the hell after several years.


I was bullied a lot at the school and never shared it with anyone. Even now very few people know about it. For a long time I couldn’t understand the reason I was being treated that way. I just knew that I was different. It’s really hard for a kid to name the hate and discrimination he/she faces. And in order not to notice this cruelty I was studying very hard. I was rarely playing with the kids in our neighborhood either. They also seemed not to tolerate my differences. I felt lucky that we had a big yard, so I could play there without any need to go out. I was very comfortable spending hours on my own and playing with Kinder Surprise figures creating fictitious world. That definitely was my safe zone.


Today I’m a grown man. I fully take responsibly for anything I’m doing and saying. I feel like my life, my destiny and future relies solely on me. I’m the captain. Becoming an LGBTQ activist is not an easy step, if you’re coming from an extremely homophobic society but that step is so important. I’m happy to be the voice of hundreds and thousands of people.


Minority Azerbaijan is a project with the bright future. It connects so many amazing people that it’s impossible to fail with so much great energy. I’m confident that soon we will make everyone who believes in us very Proud!


To be continued…

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